Personal Training:

The best way achieve the results you are looking for is to enlist the services of a Personal Trainer. A trainer can work with you to set up an individualized program geared specifically to your goals, body type, obstacles, and circumstances. One on one personal training ensures you are getting exactly what you need to succeed.

Sculpt Conditioning also offers semi-private personal training to those who may enjoy the experience more with a friend or family member. Depending on the individual, the support gained through a partnership program may prove more valuable in reaching and maintaining a new lifestyle. The trainers will work hard to adapt the workouts to fulfill the needs of the participants. Semi- PT is for groups of two to three individuals.

We are also able to provide Small Group Training to groups of 4-6 people. Providing this group has similar goals or interests, this may be an opportunity to improve your fitness level while encouraging your friends to do the same.

Obstacle Course Boot Camp:

If you love adventure this is the training camp for you!!  OCR Boot Camp is a high intensity metabolic workout, using a combination of  high intensity interval training drills, plyometric’s, resistance and body weight exercises.  You will be in the best shape of your life. The group setting provides a fantastic training atmosphere for all levels of fitness. We also combine the knowledge and benefits of one-on-one personal training with the motivation of a group environment. This is the toughest boot camp in Ottawa!! Each week we increase the intensity and never will you do the same workout. The cardio and strength workouts consist of a variety of obstacles and hill training exercises.  If you are training for a Mud Run or Obstacle Course Race this is the camp for you!!!

Fitness Classes:

Sculpt Conditioning is pleased to offer Specialized Fitness Classes at their facility.  With classes offered in the mornings and evenings, there are classes to suit all schedules, and with the class design your fitness needs and challenges will also be satisfied. Fitness classes provide participants with supervised, balanced, and safe exercise in a setting of support and encouragement.


Sports Specific Conditioning: 

If you are an athlete of any sport this is for you.   At Sculpt we will design a training program  specifically towards your sport or event to maximize your strength, power, endurance and performance,  giving you the cutting edge. We specialize in many sports including Triathlon, Hockey, Football, Mixed Martial Arts, Golf and Basketball.

Pre and Post Natal Training: 

If you are planning to become pregnant and need to reach that optimal goal weight, we can provide the support and knowledge you require. It is important to begin your pregnancy at a healthy level and will increase the likelihood of conception. If you have already conceived, our specialized approach to exercise and activity while pregnant will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve your recovery after birth.

Triathlon Training Program: 

Have you ever wanted to try a Triathlon?  If you are looking to maximize your performance and improve your endurance, this training will give you the cutting edge. Training programs are in the Spring and the Fall for all levels of fitness and those seeking a team atmosphere.

Team Sculpt Group Races: 

If you are looking for a challenge or want to reach a personal best, join Team Sculpt!! We compete in many races throughout the year and are always looking for team mates to join us. Our beginner to Intermediate racers compete in 5km and 10km road and trail running races. Our more advanced racers compete in extreme challenges like Ultra marathon relay teams in the Rocky mountains. Whatever your level of fitness we will help you reach these goals and beyond.


Be the star of your own before and after transformation. This requires commitment, trust, and a lot of hard work. Give that to us, and enjoy the results. You will work through a progression and therefore require a commitment to safely learn skills as the program develops.

Suspension Training:

This is a type of training that uses your own bodyweight and gravity to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability all while preventing injuries. Using a suspension device, you work through a variety of movements to achieve a full body workout. 

Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination. – Benjamin Franklin

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