Mariko Kulka

Sculpt Conditioning Inc. is the very best personal training studio for you to reach your goals. The staff dedicates themselves on knowing the cutting edge of all fitness developments while staying true to the science behind the physiology of exercise. We have seen many fads come and go, some good, some not so good. As fitness professionals, we are able to wade through the sea of quick fixes to find safe, sensible, and sound concepts that work. You will often find our workouts combine old school methods with a twist. That’s how we keep your body guessing and responding.  You will receive continuous motivation from our staff to better your times, techniques and reach your goals.



Our commitment to you is to provide a fitness studio which is like no other. We are dedicated in providing you the most encouraging and professional environment. We will be there every step of the way. Your commitment to us is very important also and it requires a life long commitment of time and effort. We want you to change your lifestyle for the better, this is where it starts.



Sculpt Conditioning Inc. is a highly motivating experience. We pride ourself on keeping you on track and motivated towards your goals. Whether you are doing one on one personal training, group training or fitness classes you will feel a part of the Sculpt team. We set the bar high for all fitness goals, giving you something to push towards every week. The only thing that we will ever expect in return, is for each of you to give it your all.



We are ready for you and any challenge or obstacle along the way. Our determination to you is to set and reach goals that you normally didn’t think you could do. Ask yourself – how much do I want to achieve my particular goal?  You should have a goal in mind or we will make one for you.

Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination. – Benjamin Franklin

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